Standard manufacturer's warranty policy

Standard manufacturer's warranty policy
(Last updated 03/05/2021)

This warranty does not, of course, affect existing statutory warranty claims against the dealer/retailer.

1. GARDENA Manufacturing GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "GARDENA") grants for all new Original GARDENA products (hereinafter referred to as "products") a two-year warranty from the time of original purchase from the dealer in accordance with the following conditions, if the products have only been used for private use, i.e. have not been used commercially or professionally, and the defect is proven to have occurred within the warranty period and the claim is also made within this warranty period. The date on the original proof of purchase (hereinafter referred to as "warranty") is therefore crucial for any claims. This warranty does not apply to products acquired second hand.

2. GARDENA provides an extended warranty on the products listed below:
• All new combisystem gardening tools, small tools and manual cutting tools (secateurs, pruning loppers, hedge trimmers and grass shears) sold by a dealer after 01/06/2005 as new goods have a 25-year warranty from the date of purchase provided that the tools have only been used for private use. The date on the original proof of purchase is therefore crucial for any claims.

• For selected Original GARDENA System items that were purchased as new from a dealer after 01/01/2018 and which are marked accordingly on the packaging, the warranty period is five years from the date of purchase if the devices were used exclusively for private use, i.e. have not been used commercially or professionally. The date on the original proof of purchase is therefore crucial for any claims.

Extended warranties are specified on the corresponding sales packaging, in the operating manual or on the GARDENA website. Products purchased second hand are not covered by an extended warranty.

3. GARDENA guarantees the end customer that the product is free from material or processing defects in accordance with the following conditions. Normal wear and tear of parts and components (such as V-belts, impellers, light bulbs, air filters, blade fixing parts, blades, turbines, toothed belts, spark plugs), visual changes, wear parts and consumables are excluded from the warranty.

4. The services under the warranty are rendered by supplying a fully functional replacement product or by repairing the faulty product sent to us free of charge; we reserve the right to choose between these options. This service is subject to the following provisions being fulfilled:
• The product was used for its intended purpose as per the recommendations in the operating manual.

• Neither the purchaser nor a third party has attempted to open or repair the product.

• Only Original GARDENA replacement parts and wear parts have been used for operation.

• Copy of the original proof of purchase submitted.

5. This warranty is limited to replacement or repair in accordance with the aforementioned conditions. Replaced products or parts become our property. The warranty does not constitute an entitlement to lodge other claims against us as a manufacturer, such as for damages. In particular, you are not entitled to receive a replacement product while your product is being repaired. Warranty services shall not extend or renew the warranty period for the product.

6. This warranty only applies to products purchased and used in the following countries:
Member States of the EU/countries of the EEA, United Kingdom, Albania, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, China, Georgia, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, Moldova, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Russia, Switzerland, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA, Uzbekistan.

GARDENA does not provide a warranty for products purchased or used in other countries. GARDENA will be released from its warranty obligation if fulfilling the warranty would result in a violation of national or international regulations of foreign trade legislation or of embargoes and/or other sanctions.

7. If making a claim under the warranty, please send the faulty product, a copy of the original proof of purchase and a description of the fault to the following Service address; please ensure that you have covered the postage costs: 100 Summerlea Rd, Brampton, ON L6T 4X3.

8. The warranty is governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). This choice of jurisdiction does not mean that you, as a consumer, are deprived of the protection granted to you by those provisions which, under the law of the State in which you are habitually resident, cannot be derogated from by agreement.

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