Five wonderful things you can do when you don't have to mow the lawn

Imagine not having to spend a single second mowing the lawn ever again. What would you fill your free time with instead? This is a question owning a robotic lawnmower prompts, so to provide you with inspiration, here are just a few suggestions.

When it comes to garden chores, it doesn’t get much more monotonous than mowing the lawn. Not only do you have to walk repeatedly back and forth throughout your backyard, you also have to do so pushing one of the heaviest, noisiest pieces of equipment a gardener will ever own. Add in the heat and humidity of a hot summer’s day and it can become an endurance event that even highly trained athletes would think twice about competing in.

Thanks to the era of robotic lawnmowers, this task can soon be confined to the past. Exciting new technology such as GARDENA’s smart SILENO  really will mow the lawn for you, day in, day out, pausing only to return to its charging station before getting on with the next cut. This gives you a whole new world of spare time to fill. To save you having to think of how, here are a few ideas.