Lawn care: the best tips for the spring

At this time of year, the warming sun, cool breezes and drowsy bees form the perfect backdrop for lawn care to begin. With spring just around the corner, the opportunity has come again to take early care of your future summer garden. Here are a few important steps to a perfectly maintained summer lawn.

1. Clear, repair and understand your soil

To prepare your lawn for summer, there are a few essential steps which will allow you to get your grass off to a good start:

  • Begin by freeing your lawn from weeds, if possible by pre-emergent weed control to prevent weed seeds from germinating.
  • Lawn care also involves earth care. Even out the ground to avoid poor water drainage at low spots. The most efficient way to do this is to cut away raised areas with a spade, using this soil to fill dips in the ground.
  • If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, spread out leftover snow piles so that they melt more quickly.
  • Understand your soil. Soil provides plants with the nutrients they need to thrive and grow. If you have had problems with your soil or lawn growth in the past, it might be a good idea to do a soil test before you plant new grass. You can test the soil at any time of year, but spring sampling makes sense, as it can help you with seed selection.

2. Seeding and planting

Now that you have cleared and repaired your lawn, it’s time to optimise the growth of your grass:

  • Choose your seeds carefully, don´t just buy any type. Find out which varieties work best for the conditions in your region and check how much sunlight falls on your garden to optimise your lawn growth.
  • Focus on filling out bare spots in the lawn and establishing new growth.
  • Lawn care also means watering the grass regularly to keep the soil moist. Fertilize your lawn with slow-releasing and low-nitrogen products.

3. Fertilizing

To keep weed growth to a minimum, you will need a combination of fertilizer and herbicides. Follow these tips for the best results. Note that good lawn care sometimes involves holding back:

  • Fertilizers can help to grow your lawn fresh and thick, but take care to use no more than 1 pound to avoid grass damage.
  • Do not fertilize too early or too late in the season. In this way you can avoid damage to the grass from lingering frost or early heat.
  • Water after fertilizing – but not too much. Most fertilizer packaging will tell how much water is needed.
  • Herbicides need to be used with care, as their efficiency depends on the time they are used.
  • If you don’t plan to plant new grass, apply a pre-emergent herbicide to your lawn before the seeds germinate in spring time.
  • Keep in mind that a thick and healthy lawn will make it harder for weeds to grow.

4. Spring mowing

Both mowing height and mowing frequency are important for healthy grass, with this aspect of lawn care being a matter of balance. Mowing too vigorously can damage the long-term growth of your lawn, but so can mowing too infrequently. Here’s how to optimise your lawn care and mowing process:

  • First mow the grass when it has reached around 3 or 4 inches in height. Be careful not to trim too much, half an inch is enough. To establish your grass well and encourage its growth, you can use a smart lawn mower like GARDENA’s smart SILENO.
  • Don´t mow too low, even when the grass is more established. Trimming the grass lightly but frequently is better for many reasons. Shorter grass allows weeds to grow more easily and can leave the soil exposed. Leaving the grass longer means it has higher tolerance to heat and, by shading the ground, allows the soil to preserve water more effectively. Careful trimming also avoids removing too many valuable nutrients from the grass blades.
  • Keep the length of the grass under control by mowing lightly but frequently, cutting just the upper part of the grass so your lawn is less stressed. This method has the added advantage of leaving you with a smaller amount of clippings which will decompose faster into useful compost.

Once you have started your outdoor spring cleaning, it won’t be long until all of that lawn care pays off and you can relax in a green and thriving oasis. Enjoy!