Preventing yellow patches on your lawn

If gardeners first understand the reasons for the discoloured patches on their lawns, then the problem is easy to resolve.

Yellow grass tips

If your lawn loses its colour and the tips of the blades of grass turn a yellowish colour, this may be a sign that the grass has been cut too short. To be on the safe side, you should never cut your lawn any shorter than four centimetres. As a rule of thumb, each time you mow the lawn, cut the grass by approximately one third of its length.


Brownish patches

A patchy lawn can be a sign of incorrect irrigation. In addition to a regular supply of water, it is important for the grass to be kept clear of old leaves and foliage at all times. This will ensure it receives a constant supply of air, light and water.

Expert tip

If your lawn does not recover even after four weeks, reseeding is recommended. In serious cases, it is advisable to consult a professional landscape gardener to help eliminate more deep-rooted problems with your lawn.