Classic Hose Reel 33ft Set
33 ft. Classic Hose Reel w/ 1/2" hose
Classic Hose Reel 33ft Set
Classic Hose Reel
33 ft. Classic Hose Reel w/ 1/2" hose
33 ft. Classic Hose Reel w/ 1/2" hose
Hose Reel

33 ft. Classic Hose Reel w/ 1/2" hose

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Hose length

Hose diameter  0.5 inches

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The Classic Hose Reel Set includes a hose reel, premium GARDENA hose, nozzle and all connection fittings. You get everything you need in in one simple package–“just add water” from your tap.


After you switch off the water, just attach the hose to an integrated anti-drip device on the portable unit. No water is wasted during transport and storage.


The compact product design and folding crank handle ensures convenient storage. It can fit on the smallest corner of your patio or balcony.


The hose connector on the device was designed to have the optimal angle for effective usage. This means the hose won’t kink and water will always flow freely.


GARDENA Classic Hose Reel Set

The classic solution for convenient watering with space-saving hose storage.

The Classic Hose Reel Set provides everything you need for convenient watering. And when you’re done using it simply hand-crank the hose back onto its reel for easy transport and storage. The hose reel’s triangular construction and low center-of-gravity ensures high stability in use. After the water is turned off, the end of the hose can be easily pushed onto the integrated drip stop. This way, there are no messy leaks during transport and the hose can be stored dry. The entire set is made with high-quality materials that are ultra-durable for the long run.

Part of a GARDENA system

You’re not just buying a hose reel and hose. You’re buying into a GARDENA system that’s good for the long run–one that can evolve as your needs change.

All the components are designed in accordance with the GARDENA Quick Connect System so it’s easy to “plug and play” with other GARDENA products in the future. And your hose is manufactured to demanding GARDENA specifications: 1) high-density, double-spiral mesh with power grip technology to reduce kinking, knotting and twisting, 2) UV stabilization to provide longer hose life and 3) eco-friendly materials to ensure the hose is free from toxins, phthalates and heavy metals.

Here’s what you get
• Hose reel with ergonomic handle (for easy hose transport)
• Free-running hand crank
• 33' of premium-quality, eco-friendly hose (GARDENA Quick Connect System)
• Adjustable spray nozzle (GARDENA Quick Connect System)

Technical Specifications

Article No. 08010-80.000.00
EAN-Code: 066283025536


Included Components:
1 x Cleaning Nozzle
1 x Water Stop
3 x Hose Connector
1 x Tap Connector
1 x Adapter

Hose length: 32,8 ft

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 15.41 x 17.94 x 15.41 inches