83 Foot Wall Mounted Reel, gray
83 Foot Wall Mounted Reel, gray
83 Foot Wall Mounted Reel, gray
83 Foot Wall Mounted Reel, gray

AquaBloom Automatic Plant Watering System

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Whether you're away on vacation or just have a busy home life, you can water up to 20 balcony and patio plants reliably and evenly for up to 12 days with the GARDENA AquaBloom Automatic Plant Watering System.

Kit Includes
  • 1 x 2.77 gal. (10.5 litres) water reservoir extendable with end plug
  • 1 x main unit with integrated pump and solar panel
  • 20 x 0.13 GPH pressure-equalizing inline drip heads
  • 15 x 3/16 inch pipe pegs
  • 3 x rechargeable AA batteries
  • 1.2 V 2,400 mAh
  • 8 x 3/16 inch T-pieces
  • 8 x 3/16 inch plugs
  • 1 x filter
  • 1 x 65 feet of 3/16 inch drip tube

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Solar-powered irrigation set

All the AquaBloom set needs is solar energy. Place it in the direction of the sunlight and it starts up.

Irrigates up to 20 plants

AquaBloom can water up to 20 plants. The watering frequency and the amount of water can be defined by selecting one of the 14 preset watering programmes.

Ready-to-use Set

This set contains everything needed to easily set up and start using. Even the rechargeable batteries and an extra water reservoir are included.

No water or power connection required

The 3-in-1 main unit combines a pump for drawing water, a control unit for determining the watering schedule, and a solar panel that powers the rechargeable batteries supplied

Sustainable solution for the future

The water reservoir is made from up to 80% recycled material and offers optiumum watering, thanks to the filter function in the bucket. The can additionally be used for storage, add multiple reservoirs for larger water volume.


The solar-powered set including water reservoir for balcony and terrace 

Whether you're away on holiday or just have a busy home life, you can water up to 20 balcony and patio plants reliably and evenly with the GARDENA Water Reservoir AquaBloom Set. The solar-powered watering set with water reservoir does not require a power connection. The combination of a solar panel and rechargeable batteries guarantee reliable watering throughout the season. You can choose from 14 pre-set watering programmes to determine the optimal amount of water for your plants. All without a water connection, thanks to the integrated pump and the connected water reservoir. As all the necessary components, including batteries, are provided in the set so you can install and start using the automatic watering system immediately. The Water Reservoir AquaBloom Water Reservoir Set combines optimal functionality with sustainability. The 2,7 gallon water reservoir holds enough water for up to 12 days of watering. You can even expand the capacity by connecting additional reservoirs. The set is made of 80 percent recycled material, meaning its a sustainable watering option. It is possible to fix a filter to the bottom of the container so that maximum water use is achieved. Alternatively, you can use the empty water reservoir as a practical storage option for the individual components of the set over the winter/autumn season. The modern and innovative design of the GARDENA AquaBloom Water Reservoir Set not only makes the entire system timeless but also integrates perfectly into your modern patio and balcony style. Plant care for when you’re not there. Independent irrigation for indoor plants.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 13301-25.000.00
EAN-Code: 4066407004986


Includes: 1 x 2,7 gallon Water Reservoir extendable with end plug, 1 x Main Unit with integrated pump and solar panel, 20 x 0,13 gal/h pressure-equalizing Inline Drip Heads, 15 x 3/16" Pipe Pegs, 3 x rechargeable AA batteries,1.2 V 2,400 mAh, 8 x 3/16" T-Pieces, 8 x 3/16§ Plugs, 1 x Filter, 20 m 3/16" Tube