SILENO life, 8100 sq. ft.
SILENO life, 8100 sq. ft.
SILENO life, 8100 sq. ft.
SILENO life, 8100 sq. ft.
SILENO life, 8100 sq. ft.
SILENO life, 8100 sq. ft.
SILENO life, 8100 sq. ft.
SILENO life, 8100 sq. ft.
SILENO life, 8100 sq. ft.
SILENO life, 8100 sq. ft.
Robotic Mowers

SILENO life, 8100 sq. ft.

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Maximum surface capacity 8100 sq. ft.
Volume (perceived) 57 dB(A)
App controlled GARDENA Bluetooth® App
Maximum slope within the work surface 35 %
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It’s easier than ever to keep your lawn well-mowed and looking its best with the GARDENA SILENO life Robot Lawn Mower. It has the AI smarts to know the optimal way to cut the grass without leaving streaks and it’ll do its job rain or shine. At a low 57 decibels, it’s the quietest in its class. So, relax and let your robot lawn mower work its magic.

Article No. 15101-41.000.00
EAN-Code: 4078500046879

Working area capacity 8100 sq. ft. ±20%
Charging system Automatic
Maximum slope performance inside installation 35 %
Maximum slope performance at boundary 10 %


You can easily control your GARDENA Robot Mower through your smartphone (there’s an instructional video that shows you how to do it): 1. Download the GARDENA Bluetooth app (iPhone or Android) 2. Turn off the Robot Mower and turn it on again 3. Pair your app with your mower and enter the PIN code Note: The app is used for settings and operation, but the mower can also be operated using a control panel on the mower itself


Your GARDENA Robot Mower works quietly: At 57 db(A), it’s the most silent in its class.


You can trust your mower to do a great job. With its AI-precise cutting patterns, tight corners and passages as narrow as 24 inches are reliably handled. And the Spot Cutting feature takes care of hard-to-reach grassy areas underneath trampolines and garden furniture. When the job is done, its guiding technology ensures the mower takes different paths at different times back to the base station to prevent tracks building up on your lawn.


A GARDENA Robot Mower does its work rain or shine, and it doesn’t need a rain sensor to do its job. Stay dry while your mower takes on the elements. And complex lawns with grassy slopes (up to 19°) are no match for your robot who can mow them down without breaking a sweat.


The mower leaves behind micro-clippings of grass as it mows. These micro-clippings help maintain a beautiful yard by supporting moisture retention, offering some sun protection and enriching the soil with nutrients–closing the environmental circle and helping with sustainability on multiple fronts.

Further features of the SILENO robotic lawnmower


Your Robot Mower is easy to clean. Just spray it down with your hose (hopefully a GARDENA hose) and it’ll be ready to mow the next time you need it.


Use the boundary wire to specify exactly where the mower should go (and not go). This way you stay completely in control and keep your robot mower safe. And built-in sensors ensure the mower blades stop immediately as soon as it’s picked up.

20+ Years of Experience

We at GARDENA are pioneers in the field of robot lawnmowers and have the patents to prove it. But we don’t rest on our laurels. Our designers, engineers and botanists are always looking for ways to raise our game.

Reddot design award winner

The reddot design award dates back to 1955 and is now of the world's largest and most distinguished design competitions. Evaluation criteria: important special design qualities, design competence and excellent design.

Award Info

How to get started with the GARDENA Bluetooth® App

Simply pick up your smartphone, open the GARDENA Bluetooth® App and you are ready to go with zero fuss. It gives you full control of each individual GARDENA Bluetooth® device from the comfort of your home (up to approx. 30ft distance from device). With the touch of your fingertips, you can easily review maintenance settings of your Water Control, change the mowing schedule of your SILENO Robot Mower, save water by activating the rain break for your Irrigation Control and much more.

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